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"I was deeply moved by Guy's painting of Il Duomo. It is, for me, much more than a painting. I feel in it an uplifting presence that gently plays upon the confines of my grateful heart. "

Luis Arrondo, Florence, Italy
"The paintings of Guy Stevens offer us a travelogue of splendid fantasies and dreamlike narratives, and while his subject matter varies from Munich to Milano, his essential style is consistent. Employing flamboyant colors, his flat lyrical shapes suggest qualities of both primitive and impressionistic art.
He often adopts an elevated viewpoint giving his work a tilt in perspective that channels an extraordinary energy and movement. He draws us into the movement with an explosion of color, which culminates in a celebration of life."
Kris Kline, Director Gallery Now
"Guy Stevens is a ray of light through galaxies."
Paule Nord, Poet, Montréal, Quebec
"Paris is so much more beautiful now that you have painted it."
Severin Kron (Artist) Paris, France

"I met you and your family at the Spoleto Art Festival; in Charleston, SC. After seeing the website, I love your work even more. I enjoyed meeting and speaking with you and now have a new goal - to own an original."
Trish H., North Carolina

"Guy, I can see you have been very busy. Your new paintings are wonderful!!!"
Arthur B., Saddle Brook, NJ

"WOW!!! My wife and I love your new work."
David J., Raleigh, NC

"As fun and brilliant as Guy’s older work is, I believe the more recent work is phenomenal, the brilliant colors and the soft flowing feel is his best."
Julianne B., Tucson, AZ

"I bought several of your prints today and they are already making me so happy! Thank you for spreading joy. Keep up the great work!"
Ann J., South Carolina

"My daughter bought a small still life of yours... it's gorgeous! "
Amy W., Spartanburg, SC

"I love your work. I have the print of the New York skyline with the cool frame your wife made. "
Pam C., Spartanburg, SC

"Guy’s art is the kind I want to see during a Minnesota winter! It is warming and happy and reminds me of sitting on a balcony in the summer with mangoes and mimosas!"
Patrick P. (Artist), Minneapolis, MN

"Guy, wow! I love the Brooklyn Bridge painting, also Il Duomo. "
Valeria G., New York, NY

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