Monday, February 8, 2010

Final Day for February Still Life

Day Eight: Guy declared this painting complete this morning. It combines two of my favorite colors: yellow and turquoise. These colors have such effect on me, they awake something that is happy and real. It's like a love poem. To quote Guy: "This painting makes me think of the poet who wrote, "Truth is beauty". Beauty, truth is all you need to know."

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  1. the texture in the photo is amazing - imagine what the painting must look like in person.

  2. this is an engaging painting & beyond words to describe - a definite must see in person. Engage defined-to establish a meaningful contact or connection with. (ref: Dashboard Dictionary on my Mac laptop)
    I asked Guy Stevens today if he has a title for this painting yet. He calls it "Sweetheart". A most fitting title in response to Cate's statement above.
    most lovely in deed.

  3. Cate and Guy,
    Thank you so much for being so gracious to me, Tina, Tommy and Kima, our German Shepherd.
    We look forward to seeing you both again.
    Until then, happy painting and God Bless.